The Conte Family and the Honoré Mercier School Community

Mario Conte and Pina Buono, their children Santina and Alessio, are a vibrant example of life at Honoré Mercier School, family style. Their involvement in many school activities such as Halloween Haunted House, and Fun in the Sun, are just a few ways that family, school and community come together to make Honoré Mercier School such a great place to be. Pina Conte is the co president of the Home and School Association, which is responsible for many school events such as Family Dinner, and  Book Fair just to name a few. Thank you Conte family for your very wonderful gift of “giving.”

You are the very essence of the Honoré Mercier School Spirit!

Donna Manos

Honoré Mercier School


img_0547_200x150This is a testimony for Mario Conte regarding his stewardship service to the Christian Community of St. Brendan's. Through his generosity and time giving, Mario has been involved with our Christmas Basket program for the poor. Has donated various food items to help including chocolats for all the kids at the Christmas party. Mario has generously donated on various occassions equipment for the church choir, office equipment not to mention his fair share of financial support. He is a person who has shown his concern for others in need by living the Cristian message of Stewardship.

Given by: Father Paul Pomkoski
Pastor of St. Brendan's Faith Community

--               3542 Rosemont Blvd. Montreal , Qc H1X 1K8


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